My Impressed Orca Story(2)― The Realistic Acting of the Trainer

*All the information is originally researched and compiled by myself(SHIROBUTA) referring to KSW origin papers. Copyright 2011 SHIROBUTA All Rights Reserved. When you quote this, please let me know.

 Here is the series of stories that attracted me to Orcas.

 Kamogawa Sea World (KSW) opened on October 1, 1970.
 The founding director of the aquarium; Teruo Tobayama, planned to call attracting animals that embellish the event.

 Since 1964, Orcas were captivated in the aquariums; Seattle aquarium, Seaworld Florida and Vancouver aquarium. But little information was available regarding their ecology, food, care and so on.

 Nonetheless, Tobayama had a strong passion to show Orcas for the visitors. When the import plan is not run as scheduled, Orcas pod were strayed in Tokyo Bay by accident. Tobayama chartered the helicopter to catch the pod in vain.

 In September 4 1970, two eagerly-desired Orcas came in from USA; Jumbo and Chappy.
Those 2 Orcas were too smart to learn 11 water-works in 4 months, and impressed the audience of all ages.
 Unfortunately, those 2 had passed away in 4 years. At that time, it was generally said even in the USA that the longest period of rearing Orcas in the aquarium would be 3 years at longest.

 After their death, Tobayama hesitated to install another Orcas for a long time. He needs time to review the handling process of those 2 Orcas.
 7 years had passed since their death.
 On February 11 1980, 2 Orcas were imported from Iceland; King and Caren.
 Tobayama told the 4 year career veterinary doctor to study on Orcas.

 The first problem was the feed. Those Icelandic Orcas were fed with rare herring in Iceland.
 In spite that they must be hungry after 30 hour flight from Iceland, they did not pay any interest to frozen mackerel. Mackerel has just fallen in the tank ignored.
 Helplessly, the rearing staff collected the fresh fishes for them. King and Caren rushed to the fishes and enjoyed the taste.

 In the aquarium, the feed has to be something that can be easily available with the stable price. Getting rare herring is considerably difficult in Japan. They had to resolve the problem.

 One day, the veterinary doctor noticed the strange scene on the Orcas poolside. A rearing staff held stirring fishes in his arms, struggling hard not to drop the violent fishes into the pool. King and Caren were watching him with their eyes wide opened.
 When one fish was dropped form his arm, King bite mackerel with delight. Caren also ate the mackerel. They ate them up.
 After their meal, the veterinary doctor asked the rearing staff where he get the rare fishes.
 He answered, “Can you really imagine that I got the rare fishes, you know?”

 The truth was that he performed as if the frozen mackerel were live to stimulate thier appetite.
 Since then, King and Caren started to adore frozen mackerel.

(Stella, Ran and Bingo are fed   Photo: December 2010)

(Lovey demanding the food for Earth   Photo: December 2010))

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